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Description - Wellness is not a finite goal or competitive hobby but a journey and a pursuit of self-fulfillment. Women in particular, have changed the way they communicate with each other and what goals they set for themselves. This panel will continue that conversation by asking women in the health, fitness, and wellness community how they differentiate their teaching methods from their competitors and what they prioritize as being ‘fit and well.’


Joanna Lord, CMO, Class Pass

Vanessa Packer, Founder & CEO, ModelFIT

Jessica Blumenthal, Sr. Director Insights and Analytics, Clique Media Group

Description - As Gen Z abandons traditional media platforms, the power of the social influencer has never been stronger or more relevant. Zs are significantly more likely to buy something that a social media influencer endorses (61%) than something that a traditional celebrity endorses (39%). Experts will discuss the shift from mass targeting to micro Trendsetters, emerging platforms, and the values Zs look for in influencers. Learn to identify the right influencers, content, and platforms for your brand.


Alina Diaz, Senior Vice President , Cassandra

Jennifer Yu, High Touch Experiences, Apple

Michelle Plantan, Director of Creative Strategy, Clique Media Group

Description - Skin tech is the new skin care. Experts discuss the ingredients, apps, and devices that are moving from the dermatologist’s office to your medicine cabinet. Harnessing light, data, and everything in between, we’ll chat about the technology that’s transforming the category. How are brands bringing new technology to consumers, and how are they getting people to try them?


Melanie Shreffler, Senior Director Insights , Cassandra

Brie O'Reilly , Senior Business Lead, Google

Simon Geraghty, US Acne Portfolio Lead, Johnson & Johnson, Neutrogena

Faith Xue, Editorial Director, Byrdie, Clique Media Group

Description - The Dawn of Planet Generation Z is upon us. In three short years, this group will encompass 40% of all consumers. With unabated access to information and tech from birth, this group thinks, consumes, and behaves differently than previous generations. With higher IQ’s and a value system that is progressive in its acceptance of others, yet traditional in its risk aversion, this panel explores what makes Gen Z tick, and how brands can prepare themselves for their coming of age.


Adam Gorode, CEO / Co-Founder, AGW Group

Julian Mitchell, Contributor, Forbes

Naomi Nevitt, Editorial Director, Obsessee